Interior Design

There’s no point spending time and effort on the exterior of a house if you haven’t got the interior to match.
From the ceiling to the floor, here at KBS, we have exactly what you need to create a unique & personal interior.

Special Offer - Johnstones Covaplus Vinyl Matt 5L (Brilliant White/Magnolia)


We are proud suppliers of:


Johnstones Trade – Designed for and trusted by tradesmen to give a professional finish no matter what you’re painting. Dulux – We stock a range of Dulux paints, both ready-mixed colours and interior trim paint.  If we don’t have the paint you require in stock we can order it for you at no extra cost.

Earthborn Paint

Earthborn Paint – We are very proud to stock Earthborn eco-friendly paints, they offer an amazing range of great colours while being kind to you and the environment.  If we don’t have the paint you require in stock we can order it for you at no extra cost.

Paint Mixing

Paint Mixing – It’s impossible to stock every colour so we offer a paint-mixing service that enables us to mix you 1000’s of colours in a wide range of finishes at the click of a button.  We’ve also recently acquired a paint-matching machine that can read the colour of any flat surface and match the colour.

Timber Flooring

Engineered Oak Flooring – One of our current best-selling items is our new range of Engineered Oak Flooring.  It’s the perfect addition to any interior so feel free to come and have a look at our in-store display.  Also, our experienced staff would be pleased to calculate the quantities that you will need for your project.

Floor & Wall Tiles

Floor & Wall Tiles  – We stock a range of floor & wall tiles with hundreds more available to order.  Call in today and browse the many tile displays in our tile showroom.

Tiling Supplies

Tiling Supplies – Not only do we stock floor & wall tiles we also sell everything you need to fix, seal and grout them.


Mouldings – We don’t just supply large structural timbers, we also have a mouldings rack full of profiled timber that have a multitude of uses.

Can't find what you're looking for?

We keep such a wide range of products it’s almost impossible to list them all, if there’s something you need and you can’t find it on here please don’t hesitate to give our sales team a ring on 01544 230081.